Holy Cow!

Due to limited supply and high demand, this is the perfect time to invest in cattle in Bangladesh. The limited supply means you can expect higher profits than ever before. As an investor, you try to find the best investment opportunities for your needs. Investing in cattle could be that opportunity for you, especially since you have the option to invest in live cattle or cattle futures.

A Daily star report in 2017 stated that Beef is 32 percent costlier in the country than the global average, largely due to inadequate domestic production and drop in the flow of cattle smuggled in from India. For meat consumption, Bangladesh needs about three million cows annually but the slaughterhouses of the country cannot source even one million cows from within the country. Most of this demand is coming from the growing middle income and affluent population in the economy.

Own a cow!

Investing in livestock is an age old practice in Bangladesh and something which is most often done in a communal way. It’s really expensive to own and run a farm and herd by smallholder farmers, so coming to some sort of agreement with friends, family or neighbours is quite a common practice. In fact whole villages can farm communally. Sharing the expenses as well as the fortunes is a great way to limit risk as well as to make it affordable for people to start investing.

iFarmer offers the opportunity for individuals invest in cows, in Bangladesh. The business has been in operation for a month now and getting a lot of interest and queries. It has also enabled few number of people to already investment in cows. Cattle Investors can purchase calves from iFarmer website and then make a profit when selling the cows in 8–10months time. The cows are managed by a network of farmers registered under iFarmer. This platform offers interested investors an easy and straightforward way to get into the cow business without getting their hands dirty! — Consider this investment as playing farmville in real life.

How it works


Like any other investment, this also comes with some risks. However iFarmer ensures to reduce this risk, by buying the best quality calves, ensuring that well trained farmers are managing the cows. However in case of a cow get stolen or dies, we will replace the cow. We also advice our investors to spread the risk by having cows at different farms — it is the same as owning shares in different companies on the stock exchange. Also, since the farms have limited carrying capacity, it comes naturally that once we have sold all the cows in a specific farm we then open another farm.

Want to own a cow ?

Currently our first farm is live with a capacity of 40 cows. If you are interested visit us at https://www.ifarmer.asia/ or call us at 01712546668.

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