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Plato is an Indonesian based company operating in the legal platform industry providing one-stop-shop legal platform for Indonesian businesses!

Technical Stack

PKI Infrastructure, React Native, AWS, Docker, MySQL,

Our Solution

With a large portfolio of industry leading mobile application development services, we know how to translate our solutions into the result. We have solutions on cross-platform and responsive mobile apps. Where others struggle, we thrive for the most attractive user interface and secure backend.

Visually, user will be provided an interface to add properties (signature, initial, email, address, company name, etc) by dragging then dropping it inti the document.

An API helps to generate PDF with the properties based on the coordinates on the drag and drop process applied by the user. After saved via API, document should be signed digitally by the certificate of the users involved in the document. A single PDF file should to be signed by multiple users (certificate).

After user registration process to the app is done, there will be verification process done by the API. It requires validation of ID Card (KTP/Passport) by smartphone camera then read it using third party service API. Result of the reading will be the parameter of other government-based API to validate the data.

Unverified user will still be able to use the app by adding flag on the document and notification to other user stating that the particular user is unverified.

Securing the registration and login process, OTP via email/SMS will also be combined.

The app will use subscription system which allow users to buy a “quota” on certain period of time (add-ons will also be provided to add more quota), therefore integration of payment gateway should also be done in the mobile apps.

Misfit will assist Plato to develop the backend both for PKI (digital signature library can use any languages, and interface for API should be provided) and API for mobile apps.


Plato electronic signature will be developed in mobile app platforms both in Android and iOS. For this purpose of efficiency, React Native is the framework to be utilized on its development, so that it will allow us to only provide a single version of API for both platform.
The core impact of Plato electronic signature app is digital signing to PDF file uploaded by the user. Technically, to sign PDF document using unique certificate generated by PKI for each user.

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