Misfit and Exaelum announces partnership to solve new financial challenges facing the tech industry

21.04.20|Singapore: As a global recession looms due to the ongoing fallout from COVID-19, many companies are forced to cut overhead in order to operate. With countless companies having to cut labour costs – the question of how to replace operational shortfalls in the face of financial constraints remains unanswered. Facing these financial challenges in a market that still demands the same technical delivery; Misfit Technologies and Exaelum are partnering to help the tech industry deliver high quality solutions that will maintain and even enhance productivity for companies’ core functions.

As of April 21st 2020, Misfit Technologies and Exaelum are pleased to announce they have entered into a tech collaboration.

Exaelum, a US-based company with industry leading technology consultants focused on facilitating outsourcing solutions for companies and entrepreneurs that seek to transform their ideas into products.

Misfit Technologies is an emerging technology provider making solutions for leading telecommunications, FMCGs, financial institutions, e-commerce and startups with offices in Singapore, Myanmar and Bangladesh and serving clients in Europe, Asia Pacific & Africa region. This collaboration will combine Misfit’s leading AI-enabled conversational CRM platform – ALICE, audio/video communication & conference platform- InConnect, loyalty management platform – LMS AO, online delivery & logistic platform – SuperSonic, digital market research and survey platform – Smartbees and top-notch web & mobile application outsourcing solutions of versatile tech stack expertises with Exaelum’s US based network of customers.

Adam Castillo, Founder of Exaelum on signing the partnership:

“Exaelum was founded with the vision to empower any American to realize their dreams without exorbitant costs. In these challenging times, a strategic partnership with Misfit allows Americans an outlet to still challenge the market with their innovation. To the existing companies struggling to find tech solutions without overburdening costs – we are here for you. The businesses of the future will be born from this crisis – Exaelum and Misfit are ready to help these bootstrapping entrepreneurs realize that future.”

Munimul Islam, CEO of Misfit Technologies​ on signing the partnership:

“We’re glad to enter into this partnership with Exaelum and see this as a long term commitment to further strengthen our competitiveness through leveraging each other’s competencies and our experiences from large projects around the globe. We are happy to partner with Exaelum and move forward with our tech solutions during this pandemic enabling & supporting US based companies. Technology will be the key during and post Covid 19 and companies adapting and implementing technology in communication, logistic, supply chain, automation, etc. will have better chances to survive. We are happy to step into the US market with a strategic partner; Exaelum.”

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