Misfit Technologies combines with RedFOX Labs to increase Digital Inclusion in Southeast Asia

Blockchain and AI, the key to unlocking Southeast Asia’s emerging markets.

Misfit Technologies of Singapore: a leading regional tech innovation company, announced today it would combine forces with RedFOX Labs, the first blockchain venture builder in the region, to further enhance its technology offerings and capabilities as it transitions to become an emerging tech venture builder.

RedFOX Labs: a progressive tech company that identifies and builds proven business models for the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. They create innovative and scalable solutions that focus on Digital Inclusion, as they aim to build market-leading companies in e-commerce, e-media, e-travel and transport & logistics.

“We are very focused on Digital Inclusion,” said Ben Fairbank, CEO and co-founder of RedFOX Labs. “As we near the release of our Rewards and Cashback App in Myanmar and later the rest of Southeast Asia, we realised that other emerging technologies such as AI and IoT are valuable additions to our blockchain base. To reach the massive Southeast Asian audience effectively, we need to focus on automation, 24/7 interactions, on-boarding and at the same time be competitive and differentiated. By partnering with Misfit Technologies, we will have access to not only amazing technology but an opportunity to enhance blockchain offerings and at the same time, grow together as we jointly build solutions for future companies under RedFOX Labs. Both parties are excited and committed to expanding operations in the Southeast Asian region and this partnership allows us to achieve our goal”.

RedFOX Labs is in late development stage of its first NFT game, a Rewards and Cashback platform and in design stage for several other companies from their base in Vietnam. Lead by an experienced team of Australian C-Level executives, with global experience in disruptive tech, customer experience and blockchain, RedFOX Labs is focused on using emerging technology to promote Digital Inclusion and introducing more Southeast Asians into the Digital Economy.

“It’s great to see more and more companies recognising the value our technology can bring,” said Munimul Islam, CEO and co-founder of Misfit Technologies. “Blockchain is an exciting technology and coupled with our technology offerings, makes for a powerful combination. Misfit Technologies share the vision of RedFOX Labs which promotes Digital Inclusion for Southeast Asia. We see many opportunities to add value to each others operations. Already established with offices in Bangladesh, Singapore and Myanmar we are excited that the partnership with RedFOX Labs can help us to expand across Southeast Asia.”

RedFOX Labs will now look to begin their collaboration with Misfit Technologies as it integrates its award winning chatbot, getalice.ai into its upcoming Rewards and Cashback App.

About MISFIT TECHNOLOGIES: An emerging technology provider focused on the internet economy, Banking, e-Commerce, FMCG and Telecommunications, with offices in Myanmar, Singapore and Bangladesh. MISFIT TECHNOLOGIES is the creator of the award winning ALICE Conversational AI chatbot, which is an omni-channel AI based conversational platform for businesses with in depth analytics.
Website: https://misfit.tech/

About RedFOX Labs: RedFOX Labs is a blockchain and Emerging tech based venture builder that identifies and builds successful business models for the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. RedFOX Labs is southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder.
Website: www.redfoxlabs.io
Article: https://redfoxlabs.io/redfox-labs-combines-with-misfit-technologies-to-increase-digital-inclusion-in-southeast-asia/



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