Misfit Welcomes The New Year

With the start of the Myanmar new year, the Misfit family wishes a blessed new year to all. Despite the recent events and changes in Myanmar, customers can be rest assured that Misfit continues to provide our usual service.



 We are excited to announce a few of our new products and innovations recently launched to ease the current changes of unstable internet connectivity. Misfit Tech is now providing USSD service which requires no internet, making it an especially beneficial tool in current times in Myanmar. Our USSD services can be used to enable security verification via OTP, checking bank transactions and order statuses and they offer a comprehensive admin panel for admins to generate bounce back reports and tracking service requests.



Our other solution to make communication easier during this time is InConnect. A peer to peer chatting and calling platform that enables audio-video calling and individual and group messaging. We provide the secure and for this in-App solution which can benefit many industries, such as ridehail and delivery services, Financial Institutions, and E-Commerce.



Payment Gateway

Also newly launched is our payment gateway platform which accommodates multiple payment methods to be configured and integrated as per the clients’ exact requirements. The service enables you to track and manage multiple merchants and payment partners easily.



Alice’s New Features

Last but not least, our omnichannel  chatbot and CRM platform ALice has matured into handling a large amount of queries through a revamped query management system which includes  the “Inbox” feature that enables ticket sorting and filtering as well as browser notifications. We have also come up with woo-commerce integration, allowing e-commerce functionality of your website to be easily available on Alice chatbot. 

To book your free trial, please visit https://myalice.ai/.

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