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Myanmar NRC OCR

e-KYC is the solution for Myanmar NRC OCR API and Facial Recognition software that can be used to on-board new users in all sorts of industries. The data provided by the institutions showed that e-KYC can save the time of onboarding from 4-5 days to 5-6 minutes, the cost of customer onboarding and KYC reduces by 5-10 times and the growth of the business is of around 25% compared to the traditional onboarding and KYC mechanism.

Our NRC OCR API is capable of reading and translating Burmese NRCs, which will hasten the onboarding process in both normal KYC and e-KYC. The API reads English and Burmese and can read different types of NRC documents. Telenor, Mytel, and Prudential already use our product.


Loyalty Management System (LMS) is an independent composite platform designed and developed for various industries such as Telecom, Financial Industry, FMCG, E-Commerce, and various others. LMS provides a comprehensive and all-in-one platform in which the customer is able to get different features, such as; Loyalty Notifications, Loyalty Registration, Loyalty ID Creation, Loyalty Program Definition, Point Accumulation System, and a Centralized Point Allocation & Redemption System.

The aim is to create a reward-based customer loyalty platform. It is an independent system connected with any client’s back-end via interactive API & SDKs.

  • A robust and easy-to-use backend will be provided.
  • In addition, our system is Platform Agnostic, which means that it can be used on both iOS and Android.


Current events showed the importance of the shift to smart working and the convenience of video/audio conferencing, security issues, and problems in relying on 3rd party software for internal communications. We offer an app 2 app calling platform by providing an SDK that will allow businesses to create video/audio call functions within the app. An SDK (Software Development Kit) is a collection of software developments in one installable package.

Our solution is 100% customizable for enterprise needs, according to their specific requests. We offer 24/7 assistance to ensure that our product is up to the standards and provide an integrated service that ranges from building the App, as well as the Webpage and the Chatbot on top of our InConnect solution.


A conversational Artificial Intelligence product, focusing on understanding and utilizing human conversations so we can improve the way humans collaborate with technology to be more productive and empowered.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) powers multi-purpose chatbots capable of sales, promotion, advisory, survey, social listening, customer service, and so on across different industries including FMCG, Ecommerce, Telecommunication, Banking & Insurance, Retail, Food & Beverage, Social Influencers, etc. in multiple languages with localization.

Our omni-channel dashboard ALICE can be integrated with multiple social media & chat channels such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, YouTube, Websites, Apps, etc.


EKYC is a customizable KYC solution that Misfit has come up with. With a customizable OCR API that can be trained to understand any language, even languages as complicated as Burmese and Bangladesh and a facial recognition and liveness detection API, Misfit brings an End to End KYC solution that simplifies the KYC process while maintaining the integrity and verification of the data.

Our OCR API is capable of filtration, extraction and translation as well and it can be customized to do more. As for our facial recognition technology, we are able to match facial data from NID with the current picture of yourself for verification purposes. This solution is being used by well known Telecoms and Financial institutes in Myanmar as well as Bangladesh.


In today’s world, convenience is king. It’s no surprise that online shopping has long become the new norm. Why leave the comfort of your couch and go to the store when you can get everything you need within a few taps and swipes on your smartphone? From ride reservations to the latest movies, consumers are looking for instant access to all their needs. Hence, an on-demand courier delivery app is the answer for many products and services.

SuperSonic has been developed in response to rising demand for convenience and speed in the delivery management system. While developing we focused on making the delivery process for the user seamless and simple. With this application users can select parcel pick-up points both single or multiple delivery points for a parcel order, they will also have real-time tracking of the parcel.


Smartbees, also known as Alice Bees, a featured product of Misfit and Alice Labs is providing an impactful and insightful tool for organizations that wish to fulfill their marketing goals. It is a surveying tool that helps a brand or an organization to create a valued survey for its target group of users. Admin can push the survey for any particular group of users and receive the accurate survey response which will help the admin to understand several important statistics about their user.

With Smartbees, users are able to provide authenticated users, these users are the subscribers of our Facebook page called “Smartbees”. Whenever we are pushing any new survey all the users of this or a particular page will receive the survey notification. We keep our user’s response private to comply with data privacy.