Reflecting Back On 2020 For The Misfits

What a strange year 2020 has been! For the living who survived the pandemic will probably remember this year as one of the most eventful year in our lives. The coronavirus pandemic took the world by surprise affecting millions of lives, livelihood & business. Like any other industry, we were greatly affected losing clients & businesses around the globe suddenly in the first quarter.

However, with immense support from the team, we quickly adjusted, adapted & focused on certain products and technologies that not just helped our clients to a digital shift but also helped us sustain. We managed to fast-track develop and deploy technologies that were in R&D for the last few years just in a couple of months.

This helped our product portfolio to increase by 3X, clientele growth & retention by 5X, and team growth by 25% compared to 2019. We are glad to have stormed through the pandemic, strengthen our product offerings, grow the team, and ending the year with about 10X revenue growth than the previous year.



Not just we worked on very critical projects & built our own products, we also got into several partnerships with key partners around the globe helping us to diversify our product & service offerings for the region making us a significant player.


Also, we provided our conversational AI Chatbot solution ALICE to multiple telecoms to be deployed in Facebook, Viber, and website popularly used in Myanmar.

Once the telecom companies unrolled these solutions to their customers, they noticed a massive influx in SIM registration since people could do it from the comfort of their homes. These technologies are being used by Telenor Myanmar, Ooredoo Myanmar & MyTel Myanmar.


Misfit also provided the VIP Platform (Loyalty & Reward Platform) to Ooredoo Myanmar to help them incentivize their customers through the My Ooredoo App.


Unilever continues working with Misfit and increases services to ALICE to more brands such as Pureit Bangladesh and Glow and Lovely (Work in Progress). Now Unilever is using ALICE for all these brands (Sunsilk, Lux, CloseUp, Pond’s, Pepsodent, Pureit, Lever Ayush). Alice helps Unilever brands in engaging with and serving their consumers in an efficient manner.

Through Alice, Unilever has managed to automate their Facebook Feed, which means users can get instant responses to the queries they comment on Unilever brand’s posts. Moreover, through advanced NLP and automation, Unilever has managed to bring the shop closer to allow users to buy products straight from Facebook Messenger. On brands such as Pond’s and Sunsilk, Alice is playing the role of personal concierge by getting to know a user’s specific needs and suggest them the product most suitable for them.

Nestle Myanmar

Misfit Technologies is proud to provide Nestle Myanmar with the technology for their nation-wide “Win 500 Million” campaign. Customers were offered a chance to win various cash prizes with any Nestle product purchase, with prizes totaling up to a whopping 500 Million Kyat.

6 million codes were submitted by customers — a daunting number for Nestle to sort through manually. Alice’s AI chatbot eliminated this concern and facilitated the whole process by enabling customers to easily submit their codes through Nestle’s Facebook Messenger.

Maybelline Myanmar

For Maybelline Myanmar, Misfit Tech provided an e-commerce chatbot where customers can place their orders directly through Maybelline’s Facebook Messenger. The chatbot also automated Maybelline’s fortnightly live sales, making it much simpler for customers to get in on Maybelline’s amazing deals. Simply by commenting their desired product name on Maybelline’s Facebook post, customers are automatically taken to the order form on the chatbot, where they can confirm quantities and place orders.

Prudential Myanmar

Misfit Tech provided Prudential with our eKYC solution, making it much easier for Prudential to onboard their clients quickly when purchasing their policy plans. The eKYC solution enables automated extraction, digitization and translation of Burmese handwritten NRC, driving license and passports. The solution is provided on the Prudential website and their fitness app, Pulse, and clients now enjoy a speedy form-filling process, which takes 3–4 seconds to complete, whereas it formerly took 10 minutes.

Mutual Trust Bank

During the pandemic, the online traffic in the banking industry has increased by 40%. For Mutual Trust Bank Ltd., one of the top-tier banks in Bangladesh, the scenario was quite similar. With a view to serving this increased online traffic with seamless banking services, Misfit developed MBot: a state of the art Virtual Assistant through its conversational AI solution Alice.

Integrated on its Facebook page, MTB users can easily get information about MTBs services, see locations of nearby ATMs and branches, and even apply for credit cards and loans. Equipped with superior AI capabilities, MBot is also able to understand customer sentiments and queries in multiple languages and navigate accordingly. Soon users will be able to complete all sorts of online transactions through the chatbot, be it transferring funds or paying utility bills.

Citizens Wallet

For Citizens Wallet, Misfit Tech provided the Alice chatbot and CRM for their Viber and Messenger to offer top-notch customer support. The chatbot, or Daung Ko Ko as we are calling it, assists users in solving their FAQs, day-to-day as well as user-specific queries in Burmese, Burglish and English.
|Retail, Entertainment & Furniture industries also entrust Misfit as a technology partner

Capital Retail Myanmar

Misfit Technologies provided Capital Retail Myanmar with an end to end Chatbot with complete E-Commerce functionalities for their “Click And Pick Up” system where customers can order groceries from our chatbot and pick it up at a time that suits them. Currently, our chatbot is serving customers in seven branches of Capital Hypermarket across Myanmar, enabling customers to order directly from Capital’s Facebook page with all orders and products centralized on one platform.


Canal+ Myanmar

Misfit Tech, in partnership with iD creative solutions, is delighted to launch our conversational AI solution for Canal+, Myanmar’s leading multichannel operator company to provide its customers with top-notch customer support. Integrated with Canal+ Facebook page and website, “Mae Madi” as we’re calling it allows new customers to choose and purchase different subscription packages, find the nearest Canal plus showroom and showrooms across the country. Existing customers can renew and upgrade their subscriptions and check when their package is expiring. Enhanced NLP capabilities allow Mae Madi to understand queries in Burmese, English, and in mixed form and navigate accordingly. Finally, users can submit their feedback or complaints effortlessly and have them resolved in no time, bringing the brand much closer to their consumers.

Star Cineplex

Misfit is proud to have provided Star Cineplex with a completely smooth, contactless ticketing solution. We developed a user-friendly mobile app and also launched our conversational AI solution, Alice, on the Facebook page of Star Cineplex. With both of them combined, users are able to avail themselves of a ticketing system that is safe, efficient, and frictionless. Users can browse the movies that are currently running along with schedules, watch trailers, check ticket availability and also get information about upcoming movies. Users can also choose and purchase tickets for their desired movies and receive a QR code on Messenger that essentially works as their required entry medium.


Furniture brands in the country have been looking for ways to provide better customer support and engagement for their target group on social media and also generate potential leads in the process. We are proud to have served the industry in realizing their goal by launching our conversational AI solution for Hatil, the ‘game-changer’ in the furniture industry of Bangladesh.

Our omnichannel interface allows users to get information about the company, get their queries resolved, locate nearby stores, view the range of products, and purchase their selection, all from the realm of their comfort on Facebook Messenger. Enhanced NLP capabilities ensure customers don’t just press on buttons but can also ask questions or speak in keywords and get relevant answers accordingly. Finally, through our AI, valuable customer feedback can be collected easily for further escalation and resolution, enabling us to bring customers closer to the brand.

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